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King's Kids Programs

Preschool and Daycare Programs


Goals: To support each child’s growth and development through

  • Creating a warm and welcoming environment,
  • Ensuring the health of each child,
  • Providing activities that encourage growth and development,
  • Using routines as opportunities to grow and learn,
  • Forming positive relationships with each child and his or her family, and
  • Planning and implementing a program that meets the needs of children and their families.

Babies need attention, love, and inspiration to grow and develop, and our infant room teachers provide each baby the quality, personalized, and tender loving care that every infant requires. Because babies grow and change daily, we try to keep them on their own individual schedules while also incorporating regular playtime, tummy time, reading, singing, music, and strolls outside.

In an environment filled with God’s love and peace, teachers gently nurture each baby, giving him or her many age-appropriate opportunities for development and helping your baby blossom.

We encourage moms to visit throughout the day and enjoy spending some time with their baby.


Goals: To provide children a loving, caring, and secure environment in which to learn, grow, and “test their wings.” Specific objectives include:

  • Science – To encourage an appreciation for nature through observing and learning from weather, plants in the classroom, books, and water play;
  • Language and Listening – To enrich skills through daily reading, games, pretending, and role-playing;
  • Kinesthetic Development – To develop large-motor skills through playing with floor toys, exploring a large crawl-through tunnel, enjoying a toddler slide, and playing with toys for pushing and pulling; to develop fine-motor skills through scribbling, coloring, and painting, and to improve coordination and balance through daily activities such as rolling a ball, climbing, and stacking blocks;
  • Spatial recognition – To provide an introduction to shapes and colors and to develop body awareness through games, songs, and playing;
  • Art – To develop an appreciation for art while improving eye-hand coordination through coloring, drawing, and painting;
  • Music – To develop an appreciation and enjoyment for music and rhythm through clapping, dancing, moving, and listening to Bible songs and other music, and
  • Socialization – To introduce and develop skills and character traits such as taking turns, sharing, appropriate manners, problem solving, self-esteem, kindness, and showing respect for others.

Our walker room is a stimulating, safe, and fun setting where your child can play, interact, and learn new things. During “circle time” and various additional activities throughout the day, children will begin to recognize colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. And through caring and supportive interaction with your child, our teachers encourage him or her safely to explore new areas and activities such as singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, and having fun with arts and crafts.

With daily story time and lots of opportunities to go outside to run and play, our walker program is pure fun with a growth-focused purpose.


Goals: To provide a save and loving environment for your child to grow and develop in physical, social/emotional, cognitive/intellectual, and spiritual areas. Specific objectives include:

  • Partnering with parents to potty train,
  • Fine and gross motor skill development through hands-on experience with manipulative toys and objects,
  • Teaching children to relate to others,
  • Developing an understanding of sharing and taking turns, and
  • Building each child’s self esteem.

The transition from walker to toddler is new and exciting! We count it an honor to play a part in your child’s development as he/she transforms into a confident child who is coming to understand, know, and rest in God’s love.

Our toddler room is abuzz with fun activities. From reading, music, and dance to playing outside and learning firsthand about science and nature, each activity is fun yet purposeful and intended to encourage growth, development, and learning.

By the time your child has completed our toddler program, he/she will have learned the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors as well as some poems, songs, and basic Spanish. We accomplish all this learning while still having fun, and we’re sure to balance the day’s busy activities with some time each day to “shake our sillies out!”


Curiosity of mind, eagerness to learn, and a readiness to explore new concepts make the preschool age such an exciting time! Our preschool program stimulates curiosity and learning by helping children explore their worlds in a more complex and focused manner.

Through emphasizing social, cognitive, creative, and physical growth, we help prepare children for social interaction and educational achievement. Our combination of child-directed and teacher-led activities focuses on areas including science and nature, reading and writing, math, art, and computers.

But in the midst of all this learning, we never forget the fun factor! And children also enjoy block play, water and sand play, books, puzzles, and manipulative toys.

By nurturing each child’s natural curiosity, we seek to promote learning and discovery during this key stage of growth.

Please call us at 973-463-0123

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