Our curriculum

Our curriculum utilizes multiple learning centers that incorporate educational lessons into various types of play. We offer both child-centered and teacher-directed activities, and each activity is geared towards meeting the needs of each child’s learning style and rate. Additionally, our combination of small- and large-group experiences exposes children to a broad range of developmentally appropriate learning activities.


This center encourages children to release their imaginations – and the sky’s the limit! With so much new information constantly entering children’s minds, they need the chance to absorb it and integrate it into their interactions with the world around them. Learning is extremely exciting, and this corner nurtures this excitement while helping each child better understand the things s/he is learning about.


Many of the principles adults take for granted are those that children have yet to discover. The science corner aids in self-discovery, letting children touch, feel, and play with each planned theme. As the child sees and feels principles in action, staff guide the learning process by verbalizing what the child is observing and asking questions to direct and enhance

Language Arts

Children love hearing stories – but they also love being the story. This corner affords them the opportunity to do both. By reading daily to children, King’s Kids helps them develop a genuine love for language and literature as well as a foundation for becoming strong readers. And by letting children tell, act out, and recreate stories using flannel board pieces, puppets, props, and picture drawing, we encourage them to cultivate their creativity while enhancing their language and communication skills.


Far more than simply 2+2, math encompasses numbers, shapes, logic, classifications, and much more. In this corner, children practice identifying shapes; sorting, classifying, and associating objects; counting, and graphing. The principles underlying each of these activities are applicable throughout everyday life, and through various activities, we seek to help each child explore and understand these principles.


Open-ended art allows a child to think, design, feel, smell, experiment, and create. The focus of our art corner is to nurture the creative process in each child while helping him/her develop a sense of accomplishment. No two end products will be alike, but we believe that more important than the end result in art is the process of creating and the feeling of pride each child feels from knowing, “I did it on my own.”


This area integrates the principles of all other learning areas. Through fun-filled activities, each child practices and reinforces creativity, imagination, math, science, large motor skills, cooperation, and self-confidence.

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